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Medical Care in the Time of Coronovirus

Dear Patients, 

As the public health threat of COVID-19 unfolds we have been following the many report from our colleagues, hospitals and medical societies.

Our goal is to provide you with rapid, personalized out of hospital care yet doing so without exposing you to a contagious disease. At this time we believe that your risk of contracting the Coronavirus is low in a small, clean, isolated office with the staff meticulously disinfecting, washing hands, using gloves and observing other measures to prevent the spread of the virus. It is certainly safer than a hospital emergency room or large clinic where the sheer volume of patients and the severity of illness could place you at risk of infection.

Going forward we will take the following additional measures to limit your risk of exposure to Coronavirus:

We do not know how long the current situation will last or whether further containment measures will be necessary. We will remain available to talk and answer your questions as the situation unfolds. 

Wishing all of us good health,  

Drs. Rubin and Naymagon

Peter H. Rubin, MD

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